Rob Rust

Rob has over 30 years working in the public pension arena.  Twenty-three years working for the Public School Retirement System of Missouri and the remaining with ICON helping public pension plans meet their data integrity needs.  His early life was spent in public education, which provided him with a working knowledge of the data needed by the pension plan, and how it would be used.

His public pension experience spans every facet of a pension plans day-to-day operations, from the walk-in member to building a working relationship with the systems Board of Trustees.

Get To Know Me

Knowing what people and organizations need to be successful has been my passion.  One the first lessons I learned was that it’s the people and not the process that get the job done.  Time and time again I’ve seen that if you put good people together and give them the tools they need, good results will come out on the other end.  ICON embraces that philosophy as well and practices it by hiring and keeping talented staff.  It’s our way of making sure our clients can depend on us.

After retiring from the Public School Retirement System of Missouri (PSRS), Mike Thibault, President of ICON offered me the opportunity to apply my public pension knowledge in an area that I already knew was the lifeblood of every pension system….. their data.  But the deciding factor to work for ICON was Mike himself.  Having seen the work Mike did for PSRS and knowing his commitment to taking care of his customers, I knew it would be a great place to apply my skills.

My primary job is to help our customers get comfortable with our company and to demystify the complex subject of “data integrity”.  Putting good data in the hands of the right people will allow an organization to make informed decisions.

You can contact me at: or at (913) 221-8801