Michael Thibault

When not behind a computer or discussing business processes you can find me enjoying the outdoors or with friends and family.  In addition to my college degree I have multiple certifications in PMI, ITIL, Six Sigma, MS SQL Server, and Oracle.

My career in information technology started as a computer operator while attending school, then progressed to being a programmer ranging from online assembler coding to Java, and database administrator in Oracle, SQL Server and Sybase.  I found my niche when tasked to perform a large data conversion/migration project within the insurance industry.  During this project I had to connect with business users, perform data analysis, and integrate data from numerous formats and sources to a single target format.  I look at this project as the actual start of my career because from that point forward it was and is my primary expertise.  I have 20+ years working with Fortune 500 companies and the federal government implementing data quality, performing large business impacting data conversion / migrations, and data integrations.

When people ask me what I do and what I like best about my job, they are one and the same.  I enjoy comparing business processes to the actual data – finding the deltas and making a positive impact.  Many of the most important business processes are either not documented or the documentation is not current.  This is resolved by meeting with the appropriate people, understanding the business rules as they are applied.  The data analysis portion of a project is a process of discovery and learning.

Being able to effectively communicate the deltas between business rules and the actual data to our clients and helping them resolve these issues, giving them a high level of confidence in their data gives me a huge feeling of satisfaction.  It is a lot of work and can take a significant level of effort but I have seen the incredible impact it has on not only the organization/business but the staff also.  At the end of a project our clients feel a great deal of ownership and pride in the quality of their data.

You can contact me at: mthibault@iconintegration.com or at (913) 221-8801