Data Project Management

There are a minimum of three entities – the client, PAS vendor, and ICON – that must each have a role in data project management. In many instances a contracted oversight/project management (OPM) firm is also involved, with the client or OPM firm providing overall leadership for the PAS project and the data project. This is important to ensure effective integration of the data project within the PAS project and to ensure effective coordination of all contracted resources.

The PAS vendor has many roles in the overall PAS project, including their role in the data project. It is not practical for ICON to attempt to manage the PAS vendor’s resources that are performing data project tasks. The client or OPM firm needs to be involved because the client is responsible for all decisions relating to substantive content issues. ICON performs project management needed to keep ICON resources efficiently engaged and manages all decisions relating to the technical processes utilized by ICON during the project. Standard project management reports including status, work completed, work remaining, schedule, and other reports are provided.

Through our extensive experience on PAS projects we have been exposed to many project challenges and can advise the client, OPM firm, or PAS vendor what is most efficient and effective when it comes to data projects.