Data Governance Consulting

Data governance consulting is an additional service offered by ICON involving the development of a professional architecture and framework around all data governance issues. Once a client has gone through the cost and time to build a new PAS, cleanse their legacy data, and then migrate that data into the new system they will want to retain the value of that investment.

Without good data governance it is likely that data quality issues will quickly begin to appear in their new system. For example, sources of data such as employer reporting must be addressed. Some aspects of data governance should be put in place during the design of the new PAS. However, unless a full data governance architecture is developed only issues that are identified as known problems will typically be addressed in a piecemeal manner.

ICON is the industry leader in data issues and has seen good, bad, and non-existent data governance. Our experience is valuable to clients as they build a data governance model that will serve their needs far into the future.