Data Conversion

This is another core service provided by ICON. The base goal is always to migrate the legacy data into the new PAS. For a variety of reasons it is a good idea to have gone through the data analysis, profiling, and cleansing steps above and then maintain the quality of the data through data stewardship in the TSD until the new system is ready for use.

The most critical step in the process is when the actual cutover occurs and the new system goes live. In preparation for the actual data cutover ICON, the client, and the PAS vendor must do a great deal of work. ICON is typically responsible for maintaining the TSD and either generating output files or views to the TSD. The PAS vendor is typically responsible for accessing the data as made available by ICON and transforming it into the format used by the new PAS. The client and PAS vendor will have been

through many data mapping sessions earlier in the project. The PAS vendor will know the native database structure of their system and the client will know how they want to use the system.

ICON will have documented of the current state of the data as housed in the TSD. It may be slightly different than the original legacy systems due to cleansing and integration. However, the major transformations will occur between the TSD and the new PAS. In preparation for the cutover and at the cutover, data reconciliation will occur. During this process counts are developed each time a new set of data is placed in the TSD and reconciliation will occur between the legacy systems and the TSD to ensure all desired information is included. A second reconciliation then occurs when data is moved from the TSD to the new PAS. These are necessary data quality assurance steps that must occur.