Data Assessment

The primary output of this service is a high-level assessment report. This service begins with an examination and documentation at the metadata level of all data sources.

Once all data sources have been identified, a preliminary review of business rules associated with the data is performed and a representative sample of the data is selected for review based on data type and content. Data profiling is then performed using the proprietary methodology developed by ICON over many years at public pension systems. This includes applying selected Data Quality Check Points from the large repository maintained by ICON against the data sample. A report documents the data source inventory and identified data quality issues.

Such a high-level assessment is used by clients to begin a data quality project when the scope of effort and need is unknown and the report can be used as a benchmarking tool when the client desires to have an independent expert provide a baseline or audit of the current state of data quality. All high level assessments performed by ICON can be used as planning tools and roadmaps for future steps in improving data quality.