Data Analysis and Profiling

Data and Process Analysis | ICON Integration and Design

This is a core service offered by ICON. Over many years of performing this service for public pension systems, ICON has developed a thorough and comprehensive methodology for analyzing and profiling data. One component of the methodology includes a repository of nearly1000 Data Quality Check Points (DQCP). These DQCPs represent the accumulated experience of identified data quality issues found during prior engagements. By using these DQCPs it is not necessary to "reinvent the wheel" at every new client. However, ICON understands that each client will also have their own unique business rules and data quality issues in addition to those that are common in the industry.A major part of the service ICON provides is a business analyst experienced in data quality issues. In conjunction with documentation provided by the client, our business analyst will work with the subject matter experts to identify and document all pertinent data-related business rules.

Following the collection of the business rules the profiling will be performed. Again, ICON has done this work at many clients and has developed a proprietary methodology that can handle all data types found at public pension systems. By using this structured methodology ICON and the client can be assured that all data is examined in a logical sequence and items such as referential integrity are maintained as all data types are profiled. Output from this comprehensive iterative process includes profile reports discussing the validations performed and identified data quality issues by data type. These reports then become the roadmap for data cleansing. A summary report is produced at the end of the profiling. This report is the complete record of data quality issues and the full baseline of the current data.