University of California Retirement System Engages ICON for Data Project

June 9, 2014

The University of California has hired ICON Integration and Design, Inc. to provide data profiling, cleansing and migration services for the University of California Retirement System (UCRS).  UCRS is a tax-qualified governmental defined benefit plan serving over 116,000 active vested members, 44,292 non-vested members, 58,900 benefit recipients and 67,318 terminated vested and non-vested employees.

The ultimate goal at UCRS is to implement a new Pension Administration System (PAS) to better serve the UCRS membership and employers, and view this all important data project as a crucial and necessary step toward ensuring a successful PAS implementation.

The complexity of any large IT project necessitates that managing risk be a key consideration.  Given that sub-quality data is often the reason for project failures, UCRS has chosen to manage the data risk head-on by partnering with ICON.  ICON is the pension industry leader in data profiling, data analysis, data cleansing and data migration, with over eight years of pension plan data experience.