Arkansas Public Employees Retirement System (APERS) Entrusts ICON with Data Project

November 9, 2013

Icon Integration and Design, Inc. has been hired by the Arkansas Public Employees Retirement System to provide technical expertise and guidance during the APERS comprehensive data profiling, data cleansing and data migration project.

APERS has taken a proactive approach regarding their data, and is determined to ensure that their data is of high quality as they move toward replacing their line of business Pension Administration System (PAS).  They recognize that getting their arms around this valuable asset is paramount as they move forward, and that a successful data project is an important risk management tool that can help ensure a successful PAS implementation project.

Serving 46,000 active members and 27,000 retirees, and providing annual benefits in excess of $350 million, APERS is a significant financial engine in the state of Arkansas.  Improving their technology and valuing the data that feeds that technology shows that APERS has a strong commitment to provide timely and accurate service to it’s membership and the employers that support the system