Public School and Education Employee Retirement System of Missouri (PSRS/PEERS)

Project Details

PSRS/PEERS hired ICON Integration and Design to perform a full data project in support of them moving from their legacy system to a new benefits administration system. This data project began in January 2007 and concluded June 2010. This data project used the full ICON methodology to assess, profile, cleanse, transform, migrate, and reconcile data from the legacy systems to the new benefit administration system. PSRS/PEERS is a statewide public pension system with over 200,000 active and retired members and over 500 reporting employers.


In our industry, our employees and members have to trust the integrity of the data within our system.  Icon Integration helped us identify, review and correct data so we can better serve our members.  In addition, Michael and his staff transferred a great deal of knowledge to our IT staff so we can now support the system in ways we never thought possible.”     
Dearld Snider – Assistant Executive Director, PSRS/PEERS of Missouri